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Dogefather DCC

Community owned deflationary token

First Memecoins Ecosystem of the DecentralChain protocol, after a succesfull community launch on Ethereum we decided is time to move to a faster, cheaper and better technology: DecentralChain, where memecoin communities will have a space for launching tokens, NFTs and all sorts of dapps and games

The Dogefather Walking memecoins


As many of you know the original creators of this token rugpulled the community and left, however, they decided to renounce the smart contract’s ownership leaving a community with a ownerless token meaning it opened the possibilities for a truly decentralized ecosystem and when decided to work together we even managed to do 800% growth in just one day.

After multiple attempts to be listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko we where ignored and they listed Dogefather BSC instead (which we tried to warn people about and turned out to be a scam) then after many attempts more we finally got listed on Coingecko.

But the most important decision is yet to be taken for the Dogefather community, smart contract’s ownership may be renounced BUT there is still a liquidity lock which you can check here that is about to expire and when that happens the original owner is most likely to rugpull on us all by October 29th we tried exploring multiple options on how to migrate the current ETH tokens to DecentralChain but the main issue keeps unsolved, if we don’t sell on Uniswap then all the ETH in the liquidity will be available to the rugpuller for he to just withdraw by the end of the liquidity lock contract, so if we don’t want to give our ETH away then we must sell. We will be doing a sale of the new Dogefather that will be available on DecentralChain

The Dogefather Decentralized Ecosystem

Coming Soon

Dogefather DEX

Easy, fast and secure exchange between Elon’s favorite coins in a truly decentralized way.

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Falcon 69

A place for Elon’s favorite coins to be launched. Falcon 69 will help tokens raise liquidity, enhance their community with marketing packages, active airdrops and contests.

The Dogefather DAO
Coming Soon

Dogefather DAO

Every truly decentralized community needs DAO, Dogefather ETH presents: The Decentralized Ape Organization.

Dogefather was a frictionless yield generation token built on the Ethereum network

Dogefather is fully decentralized and owned by its active and strong community. We are always open to embrace diverse perspectives on how to grow Dogefather into the best community in the cryptospace.

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How to buy Dogefather

Create a DecentralChain Wallet

  • Go to decentral.exchange and follow the steps to create a new wallet

Send ETH or BTC

  • Send the amount of ETH or BTC you want to buy to the following addresses: 

    ETH: 0x2F8a5c37e4091AC4df6e9b1B0209352e094931c4
    BTC: bc1qlq8ekmapxtxmswyta923eaazgs7h5pyrc5s6hf


Register on the form

  • Once you sent the ETH or BTC confirm by filling up our form

Dogefather Technical Details

Dogefather is a community owned token that runs on the DecentralChain Blockchain. Using the following information you can review the tokens technical details:

Current Market Info:

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Help our decentralized community grow. Dogefather relies on its community for donations towards DEX and CEX listings, as well as providing the best marketing campaign ever.

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